Giancarlo Cardini’s recording coming soon

Beginning of Autumn dedicated to the music of Giancarlo Cardini, working with the composer himself and recording in studio on a marvellous resounding Steinway B dated 1860, restored by Cerneaz Pianoforti – Official Steinway Dealer. The recording, including three unedited pieces, will be released at the beginning of 2020. Below, the inspiringly silent view from Cardini’s studio, in the Tuscan countryside, and some pics from the recording session (thanks to Luca Piovesan, sound engineer and… photographer.)

The view (and silence) of Tuscan countryside from Cardini’s studio

Playing the marvellous Steinway B dated 1860, restored by Cerneaz Pianoforti…

…and the impressive gong by AltrOnde/Stefano Dalan. Plenty of beautiful sounds!