”I am fascinated by the power of sound.
Maybe it is because sound is hidden to the human eye
that it is capable to connect us
with an invisible and mysterious world
where ANDs are more relevant than ORs,
where the very first cell of apparent contradiction resides.”

Italian pianist Agnese Toniutti graduated with full marks from the Conservatory of Venice and discussed a thesis on Giacinto Scelsi, since then devoting herself to the exploration of contemporary and 20th Century music.
She dedicates both to performance and research on a specific piano repertoire; as a result, her solo recitals are often thematic or monographic, carefully interweaving live performance with extracts from writings and audio documents selected after musical, bibliographical and archival study. Among them the monographical “portrays” of Giacinto Scelsi, John Cage, Giancarlo Cardini, and the recitals dedicated to Fluxus movement (featuring premieres by Philip Corner e Dick Higgins) and to women’s creativity from the 50ies to nowadays (including Lucia Dlugoszewski’s “timbre” piano research project).
Her collaborations often include other artistic disciplines (acting, photography, dance, visual arts and multimedia).
She recently released the piano solo disc Lento trascolorare – piano music, Da Vinci Classics, with music by Giancarlo Cardini (June 2020). 

As a soloist and chamber music pianist she performed in several venues and international festivals in Italy, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, France, Germany and Usa.

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photo © Francesco Zanet