”I am fascinated by the power of sound.
Maybe it is because sound is hidden to the human eye
that it is capable to connect us
with an invisible and mysterious world
where ANDs are more relevant than ORs,
where the very first cell of apparent contradiction resides.”

Agnese Toniutti graduated with full marks from the Conservatory of Venice where she studied with G. Lovato and completed a thesis on Giacinto Scelsi. She also specialized in piano and chamber music and attended masterclasses with F.-J. Thiollier, M. Damerini, L. De Barberiis and P. Mia Paul. As a performer, Mrs. Toniutti’s work is focused on contemporary and 20th Century music. She likes to explore unconventional ways to strenghten communication between performers and audiences by putting in dialogue contemporary music with other artistic disciplines (acting, photography, dance, visual arts and multimedia). Her solo recitals are often monographically dedicated to composers and aim to give an insight into the composer’s creative world through live performances of his music, extracts from his writings and audio documents selected after musical, bibliographical and archival research. As a soloist and chamber music pianist she performed in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany and Usa, as well as at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Palazzo Cavagnis in Venice, Strehler Theater in Milan (live RAI broadcast), Duse Theater in Bologna, Palazzo Congressi in Lugano, State University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart, University of North Texas (USA). She also performed for the Komponisten Colloquium series (Oldenburg, Germany), the ALL FRONTIERS – Indagini sulle musiche d\’arte contemporanee festival (Gorizia, Italy), Angelica – Centro di Ricerca Musicale festival (Bologna, Italy), Bari Piano Festival (Bari), Ossessioni Festival (Faenza), Italien Musiziert festival (Stuttgart, Germany).

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photo © Francesco Zanet