Lento trascolorare in Rome

Music is a powerful tool for going beyond the earthly limits of space and time.
This is a thought that comes to my mind as I think with a certain emotion about the upcoming concert, with music by Giancarlo Cardini and Giacinto Scelsi, at Isabella Scelsi Foundation in Rome on November, 22.
Journalist Paolo Carradori will introduce the concert, dedicated to Giancarlo Cardini.
On Monday, 21st November an interview made by composer Stefano Taglietti for his series “Clocks and clouds” at Radio Start will be dedicated to Lento trascolorare and the concert in Rome.
The day after I’ll spend some time researching at the Archives of Scelsi Foundation, and then I’ll get back on the road to reach Conservatorio “A. Vivaldi” in Alessandria, my new teaching position for this academic year.