Giancarlo Cardini: Lento trascolorare, piano music available on line and in store

Despite we’re definitely living in “interesting times”, as Venice Biennale 2019 seemed to foresee, music finds its way.
My new recording Giancarlo Cardini: Lento trascolorare, piano music is finally available on line at Da Vinci Classics website, and from June, 12th on digital distribution (iTunes, Amazon, etc) and in store. 
On the playlist four unreleased pieces, “Via del Fico, Firenze. Una piccola strada disadorna, silenziosa, quasi immota, arida e bella” (2011), “Tre momenti di sessualità infantile” (2007), “Terza Fantasia, ad Agnese Toniutti” (2018) and a new version of “Foglie d’autunno lentamente trascolorano” (1983, rev. 2018), together with the fascinating “Rituals for the Ryoanji Garden” for piano, gong and voice (2012) and “Una notte d’inverno” (1982) (preview here and below).
The booklet offers a writing by Giancarlo Cardini himself about his music. On the cover a picture by Enzo Della Monica taken during one of Cardini’s performances in the 80ies, part of the artist book Bolle di sapone/Soap bubbles (G. Cardini – Bolle di sapone, Centro Di, Firenze 1991). Inside some shots by the photographer Alberto Moretti.
The piano is a Steinway & Sons B-211 dated 1890, restored by Steinway Academy technician Lorenzo Cerneaz, with a magnificent sound, rich in resonance.
It’s a joy to finally see the first public (virtual but real) appearance of a project about music that I love. Let’s hope these sounds will have a long life, generous as they are in peaceful colours!

“…  there is a (contemplative) process absorbed with the rational calmness of those who practice the voluptuousness of critical thinking. […] And Toniutti is really good at returning these impressions and sensations.”
Mario Gamba, Alias – Il Manifesto, 16/5/2020

“Beyond time and space. […] spirals of enchanting repetitions that run alongside the silence, of expressive modesty in peace with the world. These Zen meditations progress lightly away from the care of the present, with a placid, ceremonial step, even without ever really advancing towards a specific goal. […] the album is in all respects (Cardini’s) portrait, light, intimate […]”
Gregorio Moppi, la Repubblica, 15/6/2020

Interview with Paolo Cantarutti, Radio Onde Furlane (Italian/Furlan): Lento trascolorare cun Agnese Toniutti
A very beautiful CD, with music made up of consonances and soft dissonances that fade into each other, just like the title, and above all with a beautiful sound, with this old Steinway piano from 1890 with its so particular harmonics.”

“Giancarlo Cardini, the unrepeatable moment  – 
Pianist Agnese Toniutti in Lento Trascolorare reads with extraordinary depht piano compositions by the Tuscan composer”.
Review and interview by Paolo Carradori , il Giornale della Musica, 2/7/2020, (article in italian)

“… pages […] that the virtuoso pianist Agnese Toniutti expresses enphasizing the lyrical constructivist scattered between note and note.”
Guido Michelone, Alias – il Manifesto, 11/07/2020

Giancarlo Cardini/Agnese Toniutti, Lento trascolorare piano music
Cardini entrusted to play some of his composition pianist Agnese Toniutti, who gave evidence of extraordinary accuracy and depht, capable as few others to recognize and enhance the implications and nuances of Cardini’s thought.”
Enzo Boddi, Musica Jazz, 12/07/2020 (italian)

“For Cardini’s 80th birthday, a critical contribution and a review of Agnese Toniutti’s cd
[…] Toniutti is good at grasping the very slow transfigurations, the subtle nuances, highlighting mottled dissonances or sweet consonances, the evocation of nature, the sense of mystery, the rituality of the gesture, returning us in a ‘cardinian sound’, possible only if the the interpreter adheres with participation to a completely personal and vaguely arcane (musical) world like that of Cardini’s music. An excellent example of how it should work.”
Renzo Cresti,, 25/07/2020

“[…] it’s up to the interpreter – the talented pianist Agnese Toniutti – to bring out the most minute details and the most hidden expressive nuances, jealously guarded, but still eager to be shared with the listener.”
Filippo Focosi, Kathodik, 15/10/2020

Interview with Luisa Antoni, Radio Capodistria – Sonoramente classici, 26/7/2020 (podcast): Agnese Toniutti e Giancarlo Cardini

Interview with Marco Maria Tosolini, RAI Radio Uno – Il concerto che vorrei 5/9/2020 (podcast): Playing with…il gioco nella musica
I recommend this cd […] whose songs induce a state of profound pacification

Interview with Luca Berni, Rete Toscana Classica – Cronache musicali 9/9/2020 (podcast): Nuovi Album di Agnese Toniutti e Alberto Bocini
A valuable publication […] the listener is engaged in a sort of walking journey within the music. In this moment we may need a music that is so rarefied but very present and very alive, which speaks to us of today, of our time. It is a very special record, let me tell you, it is a record that requires work from the listener, which requires attention.”

RAI Radio Tre – Battiti 24/9/2020 (podcast): Lento trascolorare