(re)cover/3: Bolle di sapone and Lento trascolorare

Honoured to be part of the third publication of (re)cover by Libreria Martincigh in Udine, an editorial project that redeems out of print books and (re)presents them to the public along with new contributions in dialogue with the original work. Quoting the text introducing this edition:

“Started in 2016 by the bibliographic studio Martincigh, (re)cover creates hybrid publications that make resonate past and present, tracing connections between great masters and contemporary authors. (re)cover/3 presents the artist book by Giancarlo Cardini, Soap bubbles, published in 1991 by the Centro Di Edizioni, paired with the music album, Lento trascolorare, by the pianist Agnese Toniutti, produced by Da Vinci Classics, stemmed from collaboration between the Friulian interpreter and the Florentine composer.”

Bolle di Sapone/Soap bubbles includes a collection of short poems or, as the author writes, “Fragments of daily contemplations” collected from 1971 to 1989, the libretto of Il Castello Insonne, “scenic nocturnal mystery in 29 episodes, to be played between about two and four o’clock on a moon- less night” performed at Venice Biennale Musica in 1991, and the score of Neo-Haiku Suite for piano, flowers, lights, objects and two performers (1979), together with photographs from the performances. One of them, a picture by Enzo Della Monica, served as a cover image for the cd Lento trascolorare.

The (re)cover edition is also accompanied by a precious text by journalist and writer Brunella Torresin.