Lento trascolorare in Udine – Salotto Musicale Fvg

An event dedicated to Giancarlo Cardini coming soon this Friday, 27th January, organized by Salotto Musicale Fvg in Udine.
Cardini was the dedicatee of 2017/2018 season of Salotto, and visited the association listening to the concert and giving an interesting speech the day before.
Together with the music by Cardini, the Cold Pieces by Erik Satie – Cardini recorded the opera omnia for solo piano by Satie – and the Solo from Passion selon Sade by Sylvano Bussotti, a friend of the composer and companion in many concerts and performances. A special moment, the interwaving of the music with Cardini’s voice, reading his short poems from Bolle di Sapone / Soap bubbles and performing Solfeggio Parlante by Paolo Castaldi from the concert for Demetrio Stratos in Milan.
While preparing for this concert, several memories of Cardini’s collegues and friends were shared with me; a shining legacy silently scattered in the hearts of people who knew him. I am aware of how lucky I am to be able to witness all this.
Journalist Paolo Carradori will be again with me introducing the concert, as for last November performance in Rome.
Below some pics of the event

Photo by Claudia Hajek

Photo by Alberto Moretti