Sonatas&Interludes for prepared piano, new release by Neuma Records

It is a great satisfaction to be able to announce this new Spring release (street date: March 17th, 2023), coming out after many years of performances of such a masterpiece as Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano by John Cage.
This achievement was possible thanks to a great team of professionals: Marco Melchior, always by my side recording, Erdem Helvacioglu, mastering, and Philip Blackburn, director and manager of Neuma Records label. 

To have a physical copy come listen to one of my concerts or buy it on Bandcamp or on Neuma Records website (also digital download).

Happy Spring to you all!

a fresh look into the seven decades old music that both her playing and her musicological insights make as fresh as if the work had been composed last year.”
Rafael de Acha, All about the Arts , February 27th, 2023

“The prepared piano was one of the legacies of composer John Cage, and this album with Agnese Toniutti gives a tribute to the iconoclastic sound and attitude. Is the listener prepared for the prepared piano?”
George W.Harris, Jazz Weekly, February 27th, 2023
“The sound of the work has something special, different from many other editions of this repertoire… we have reason to believe that Cage would have appreciated this magical playful “humus.” Needless to note Toniutti’s executive gracefulness, which blends with that precision of accent inescapable in the most “antipianistic” pianism of the 20th century, devoid of emphasis, restored to a welcoming, almost meditative dimension.”

Marco Maria Tosolini, Il Gazzettino, March 8th, 2023